Migrating to v5. How long does it take?

Hi! I’ve done the migration steps on my v4 and it says I just have to wait for an email once the migration is done. How long does it usually take? It’s been more than 24 hours already and my v5 dashboard is still blank / no data?



Maybe you need to use the company selector in the top left corner to change companies?

We started our migration about 1 hour ago. Roughly how long should the migration take?

Check your Logs in V5 - storage/logs/laravel.log

there may be more information there.

So the answer is “less than one hour” then? :laughing: Ok I’ll have the owner of the account check tomorrow.

Depending on the size of the account, it can be from seconds to hours.

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This is what we see:

Image Pasted at 2021-7-13 11-53

How do we get to storage/logs/laravel.log?

You can activate the company on Settings > Account Management.

If you’re using the hosted platform you don’t have access to the logs.

Thank you. We’re now migrated. I’ve sent support requests to get further help.