Migrating Hosted to Self-Hosted

After many happy years here I want to migrate to self-hosted InvoiceNinja. However, when I look for import/export under settings here, it’s not there. Whereas, on the self-hosted v5.7.33, there is an import/export.

So how so I move everything from here to my hosting?

Kermit Woodall


If you’re logging in to the web app at https://app.invoicing.co the option is under Settings > Backup | Restore

Ok. I looked for that and then noticed that one of my clients was selected and that was reducing the settings shown. I closed that and now I see import/export and backup/restore on app.invoicing.co - but self-hosted doesn’t have backup/restore.

I’ve just check and the self host react app definitely has backup and restore

How have you installed the application? Perhaps it is an old version of the react app?

If you’re using the Flutter app the option is under Settings > Import | Export.

Yep. The Import/Export worked. Thanks!

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!