Migrating From Sliced Invoices to Self-Hosted Invoice Ninja

Hi there, I’m trying to import 500+ invoices from sliced invoices which is a Wordpress plug-in. I exported the CSV, and I’m able to import just fine, but I noticed that the line items aren’t coming through. I checked the exported CSV and saw that the line items aren’t stored in there, but I can get these through a database query manually. The problem is, I’m not sure how I would format the CSV to import the line items. There could be one line item or multiple line items in an invoice, so what’s the proper way to format it for import?

I figured out a better way to export more data, but now I’m having a second issue where it’s loading the first row which should be the comma separated list of columns into a single column… so instead of having 20-30 columns, the import process shows me 1 column that’s 300+ characters long filled with all of my column titles and commas


The app expects each line item to be on its own row, they’re grouped together using the invoice number column.

It may help to re-export the data as CSV using Excel.

Under import, I don’t see an invoices line items option, only invoices. Are you saying that one row would be for the invoice data (client, invoice number, address, etc) and then have rows below it for line items? Do you have an example of what a CSV might look like so I can make my data match?

Each item in the invoice would be on its own row, ie.


What about the non-item related import objects? Client / address etc?

Are you saying that an invoice would be duplicated on multiple rows depending on how many items it has? So for example

0001,item1,100,client,email@email.com,December 19, 2022,$500
0001,item2,400,client,email@email.com,December 19, 2022,$500

So everything would be duplicated across each row except for the unique item columns?

Or wait, are you saying you’re only supposed to import a single invoice at a time?

Bump, is anyone able to answer the above questions? Should I be importing only Invoice line items? Should I be only importing a single invoice at a time?

That is correct, an invoice would be duplicated on multiple rows depending on how many items it has.