Migrate selfhosted v4 to hosted v5


How can i migrate from v4 selfhosted to v5 hosted?

is it necessary to take a pro subscription before migrating as I have more than 20 existing customers on my selfhosted v4?

I see this within my selfhosted v4:
"In order to start the migration, we need to know where do you want to migrate.


By choosing the ‘self-hosted’, you are the one in charge of servers."

I cant select the option to migrate to hosted, only selfhosted.

Thanks for your reply!

Sven Pelgrims


Which version of v4 are you using?

If you have more than 20 clients then you will need a paid plan.

Hi, current version:


Ok, you’ll need to update to the latest v4 to use the migration.


ok, will do! If the update is done, can i select migrate to hosted version?

With the latest v4 it’s possible to migrate from selfhosted to hosted, I’m not sure it it’s presented as an option in the UI though.

Ok, i will let you know. Thanks for the very quick response!

Hi, just updated v4 and migrated succesfull. I did purchase the pro plan before migration (check invoice 01-27558) but after the migration it says i’m back on the free plan??

Please send an email to contact@invoiceninja.com and we’ll correct it

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