Migrate Invoice Ninja to new VPS from old server? 💻

Hi @hillel
I just wonder if you could be kind and inform me on how to migrate Invoice Ninja to a new VPS the best way?

Do you just install a new fresh copy of Invoice Ninja on the new virtual server and then just import the old database into the new fresh database on the new VPS?

Or is there another way or better way to do it?

How would you or David go about it if you were to move the installation to new server? :thinking:

Thanks a bunch in advance.:smiley:
Kind regards


That’s pretty much it. We recommend using mysqldump to copy over the database, make sure to also copy the .env file and storage folder if you’re using the documents feature.

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Ok perfect. Thank you Hillel… :facepunch:
I’ll will attempt to do that then.

Kind regards