Migrate from Quickbooks (not cloud)

Hello. We are an IT consulting firm who has really been doing everything for many many years in quickbooks. As a service based business invoice ninja looks awesome! But I am curious to see how others handle the following situation. Basically, QB is a completely integrated system where invoice data entry is tied in with Accounts receivable and general ledger. Checks and payments are made and we apply those against AR and it hits bank rec and GL. Everything is integrated.

Now with invoice Ninja the invoicing and cash collection are done. However, how do other people bring those transactions into their accounting system of choice? For instance, when a payment is made and you apply those payments in invoice ninja how do you reflect that in your accounting system. (Profit and lost/balance sheets)? Invoice ninja looks great but it seems like there around be a lot of manual import and export to get the data into the accounting system to keep the accountant happy. I know Zapier is available for some level of integration (Specifically with QB online) but not the the degree I am laying out above.

Also, we have 16+ years of history in quickbooks. Has anyone had any success importing all that history into Invoice Ninja? I know customer records seem rather easy via CSV, etc. But I was wondering if there was an all encompassing tool like the freshbooks import provided.

Thanks much!

I think Zapier (or our API) would be your best bet, what’s missing?

You should be able to import the data as CSV.

Thanks very much for the response. I will check out zapier. The zapier options i have seen seem to reference quick books online which is not what i will be doing. I still want to maintain on prem quickbooks for the other accounting related functions such as accounts payable and general ledger. I guess I need to think outside the box on this.
Basically the way I see it is if I do not use zapier or something like that I would need to generate monthly export jobs to export payments made in Invoice Ninja to a csv and then convert it to Quickbooks IIF format to get it into quickbooks. That transaction would include the sales numbers as well as sales tax and such to hit the proper general ledger and sales tax accounts so the reports properly shake out on QB for the accountant and tax reporting. So it seems if I want to implement Invoice Ninja as well as QB I need to develop some export/import jobs or investigate zapier triggers.

I guess I was just asking what others do. Do people just rely on invoice Ninja for their entire accounting function soup to nuts? Or what solutions are in place to bridge the gap? Is invoice ninja considered a quickbooks or freshbooks replacement for service oriented customers?

Again thanks for any input

Invoice Ninja is an invoicing app, not an accounting app. If you want to track a general ledger you’d need to integrate with another app.

I assumed you were using QB online, with the desktop app I think you’d need to use CSV to transfer data. Maybe other people can share the solutions they’re using, I think some people use KMymoney.

Thanks very much. I just love how invoice ninja functions. I will think about this a bit to see what I can develop. A once per month export /import may be doable.

Thanks again

dhayes, have to ever found as solution that works for you? In exactly the same boat, stuck using quickbooks for accounting and Invoice ninja for invoices

Jds2726… Unfortunately I did not proceed further trying to integrate invoice Ninja with quickbooks. As awesome as invoice ninja is I can not justify the amount of work to record things like cash, partial payments, customer deposits, sales tax, etc into qb to get accurate reporting to my accountant.Plus in New York USA there are different tax rates for each county so for some customers the rate is different as well as the reporting. There were some limitations there (ie default tax rate for county) . Invoice ninja indicated that functionality might be in 2.0 so I will be monitoring this amazing project. At the moment it does not work for me.

Good luck

@system What did your company ended up going with? I want to leave QBO.