Migrate from Paymo (to v5)

Hi Everybody,

I’d love to migrate from Paymo to Invoice Ninja v5. The most important piece of information I’ve stored are my working hours: I got years of them logged at Paymo - but how do I transfer those to the hosted Invoice Ninja v5?

I’ve seen there is a CSV Import feature under Settings - but unfortunately not for tracked times (which depend on tasks, projects and customers). There is also the possibility to select Zoho, Invoice2Go etc. - and Paymo provides an API.

Now I’m wondering: How to do a one-time import from Paymo in Invoice Ninja?


I think you would need to use the API, we hope to improve this in the future.

@hillel sure, can do! Is the JSON format somewhere documented already? Or shall I reverse engineer?

Thinking about building a small JavaScript utility hosted on GitHub Pages which grabs the data from the Paymo API and generates a JSON which then can be imported into Invoice Ninja.

Basically the same idea such as GitHub - turbo124/Plane2Ninja: Export data from Invoice Plane to Invoice Ninja

The times are stored in tasks.time_log as an array of start/end timestamp arrays. ie, [[10,20],[30,40]]


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