Migrate from Hosted to Self-Hosted

I’m a small business owner and I’m interested in trying out Invoice Ninja. Before deploying my own instance I’d like to use the free version for a while to test it out.

Can I migrate from the managed/hosted version to a self-hosted Docker instance later? Would I use the JSON import/export feature? There were a few relevant questions but I was hoping to get a conclusive answer to my specific use-case.



That’s correct, the JSON import/export feature can be used to transfer company settings/data between app instances.

I am doing this right now and the functions are different. the Hosted version exports a single .JSON file while the Self Hosted Expect individual Files. So You have to make sure to switch the Import Format to JSON to import the back up you get from the Hosted side.

However, I get this error when doing so:

Bad state: Can’t finalize a finalized MultipartFile


Which version of the selfhost app are you using?

Also, are you importing the JSON file in the web or desktop app? It may help to try both.