Migrate from docker to turnkey linux unable to import json data

Hi folks.
I’ve just started the process of transferring my data from docker to a turnkey container on proxmox. Install has been fine with no issues I can see so far.

When it comes to importing the JSON data it’s saying it’s successful except no data is populated anywhere in the new install.

I’m looking at the error logs and I’m getting a lot f the following

production.ERROR: Error retrieving credentials from the instance profile metadata service. (cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 1001 milliseconds (see https>

any particular recommendation I can look at for this?
Many thanks


If you’re transferring between two self-host installs we recommend using mysqldump to transfer the database. The JSON option is useful when migrating between hosted/self-hosted installs.

Thanks Hillel. I’ll look into that. Appreciated.