Migrate All data from Harvest to self hosted

Im currently testing a self hosted install that I want to import all my data (clients, contacts, full invoices, projects, expenses, ect) into Invoice Ninja. It seems Harvests export feature is a bit lacking as im not getting every field I wish to import. Its there another or better way to do a bulk import from Harvest?

If you’re problem is related to getting data out of Harvest you’d need to ask them for help.

I am able to export from Harvest csv files for clients, contacts, time, estimates, invoices, and invoice line items. But the issue is importing it in to IN. For every line item it creates a new invoice even if the Invoice ID is the same, with the same client.

I was hoping there be a better solution importing data so we can move over. With the amount of clients and invoices we have it will take forever to edit these csv files.

Any Other suggestions?

The Harvest import option is designed for the invoices file, you may want to try using the line items file imported using the CSV invoices option.

I don’t see a Harvest import option in Invoice Ninja. Importing by Line Item creates a new unpaid invoice for even paid closed invoices in Harvest.

You are correct, I was mixing up Harvest with Hiveage.

Are you setting a column for ‘Paid’ when importing?