Micro deposit validation location for clients?

where did the ACH (bank transfer) verification input fields go in v5 for clients?
Since moving to v5, i have a new client, who got his micro deposits in his bank, and now needs to verify but he can’t find the way to input them on the client portal (and neither can I)

how do they validate on v5?


@david @ben can you please advise?

yes please, @david or @ben when you have second give us a heads up. IN THE MEAN time, to help address my clients needs, i wanted to troubleshoot by sending a invoice to my personal email, then starting the process of setting up a ACH like my clients do. i noticed 3 things

  1. Clients are presented the option to validate RIGHT AFTER they add their bank info -which is okay, but would never be practical because it takes 1-2 days for the deposits. they would have to leave the tab open (which no one would day)

  2. i noticed in the url had verification?method=2 append to the payment method url, so i found the clients payment method url, and added the same and was able to see his verification option. Obviously this should be a link on the payment methods screen of the client portal, which i think is missing .

  3. the user interface for adding the two deposit totals is not clear and if entered wrong will return 500 status. I asked my client for this two micro deposit numbers so i can see the error he was seeing, and when i entered .22 and .24 i saw the 500 error too, but when i removed the dot and just put in 22 and 24 it worked. this is not obvious to the end user, please add a note or do the input cleaning client side (or server side)

hope that helped, still eager to learn where client would be able to come back 2 days after and validate, at the present movement i think thats a bug (missing)

Thanks for the feedback!

Point 1: Yep, totally agree, we will add the “Verify” button next to payment if it’s not verified.
Point 2: This should be resolved by point 1.
Point 3: I will investigate this, thanks.

From now on, we will send the link to the verification page in the email:

This solutions is “okay” - however, clients are often not the best when it comes to email management - this solution requires them to return to an email to find a button days later. This is wishful thinking for something so important as collecting payment. and there is no way we can help them except to say “go find the email”

Ideally, we would have the ability to help our clients direct, by either:

a) have this button in the client dashboard (perhaps pending in payment methods)
b) have a way to generate a url for them and send to them.

thoughts? @ben @hillel

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There is updated functionality now for this.

Next to the payment methods - if verifications / microdeposits are required - we provide a button for the client to access the necessary page.

To test the process my clients would go through to pay my invoices, I tried connecting my own bank account last week by using the micro deposit verification method (which is the method my clients prefer). I see two verification transactions in my bank account, but there is no place to enter the deposit information: I received a Confirmation of direct deposit authorization from Stripe, but no email with instructions for completing the verification process after micro deposits are received. The client portal seems to have no place to enter micro deposit information either. What am I missing?


There should be two ways to enter the verification:

  1. In the payment method screen, if you click on the bank account, there should be a verify button there.
  2. During the payment process, when you select the bank account, the system will ask for the verification amounts at that point there.


Thank you very much for your response! I’ve tried testing the system again by sending a test invoice to a colleague, and it worked this time. (She entered her bank routing and account numbers, and then received an email from Stripe, which contained a link to verify the account.) So, problem solved :slight_smile: