Marking recurring invoices as paid

Recently installed invoice ninja so im still getting used to the system. Quick quesion:

I’ve created a few recurring invoices but notice I cannot mark them paid and they are all “pending”. I am assuming that I would need to “clone to invoice” to create the actual invoice?

I was assuming that recurring invoices are the actual invoices? Can someone please explain to me how it works?

Recurring invoices are ment for invoices you want to be created automatically.

For example:
Each year I want to send an invoice to a client for paying a subscription.

For this I need to create a recurring invoice, where I choose the client, the recurring periode (in this case each year) and I fill all the rest in like I’d with a normal invoice.
You choose a starting date and after this you click on “Email invoice”, do not worry he’ll not send the invoice directly, you’ll get a pop-up reassuring you that the invoice will not be send right away but on the date of xx/xx/xxxx.

If you’ve chosen in the settings to automatically send recurring invoices then you’ll see the invoices appear in your invoice list and marked as sent => These are the ones you need to mark as “Paid”.

So only once the invoice has been sent via email will it become active and visible on the Invoices page? Is there no way to make it active without sending the email?

A client has paid before I created or sent them their invoice (Yes it is a rare client :)) so I want to setup him recurring invoice, activate it and mark it as paid without sending it to him since he already paid.

If you enable auto-billing and create a credit for the client it will create the recurring invoice as paid

@Hillel: I didn’t think about that but nice workaround!

@Ihsaan: But do you really want that an invoice is auto marked as paid? My 2cents but I like to mark myself what is paid and what is not and if you’ve many recurring invoices and they automatically are marked as paid how will you send them a first/2nd/third reminder (with late fees) if they’ll be already marked as paid?