Mark paid invoice - --> Sends email to all recipients ✉

When you mark an invoice as “paid” the system seems to by default send the “invoice paid” message email to every contact/recipients.

How can you change that so you do not spam the whole company of the customer and just send to the relevant contact, (Usually

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@david I think we should consider not sending an email when the ‘mark paid’ action is used

It would be way better if you could chose the person. Sending the confirmation itself is a very useful feature I think. @hillel

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I think, it should only sent emails to the contacts assigned to the invoice. I didn’t had time to test it but could you check if only 1 contact or multiple contacts were assigned to the invoices?

@david und @hillel maybe in the future, it could be possible to determine 1 contact as the default contact.

Also the way new invoices choose their contacts, could be optimised. Currenty when a client has multiple contacts and you create an invoice, each contact is added to the invoice. So (I guess) each E-Mail regarding this invoice, payment etc. goes to each contact.

It would be better to only add 1 contact per invoice.

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Thanks for the feedback, this is very useful!

Contacts have a send_email flag which determines if they’re included when a client is selected for an invoice. I think it would be better to show this field on the client edit screen if the client has more than one contact so it can be configured.

@david I believe we may be setting this in the backend, if that’s the case please don’t any more. Note: when creating a new invoice for a client if the invitations aren’t specified the backend should create invitations for all contacts with send_email set to true.

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Hi @hillel

is that this option?

I just noticed, that when you switch the toggle off, it still says “enabled”.


That’s a different setting, it determines if the client receives reminders. We’ll clarify the help message.

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Indeed they are. :+1:

For me the optimal way would be to be able to chose the default contacts that should receive the “invoice paid” email. But as mentioned it would also be optimal by default (That is if you do not make a choice at all), only the contact that is added to the invoice would be emailed.

So that is my 5 cents. :thinking:
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I generally agree with this. To me, ideally when entering payment for an invoice the payment would pre-select ONLY the contacts already checked/selected as part of the invoice. Then the user could choose to leave that as-is, or change the check box(es) in the event the payment email should be going to someone else. I think that’s the same, or substantially the same, as AngryWarrior is saying. But only emailing the contacts selected as part of the invoice would be a great step up over emailing the entire company.

(Definitely the action as of v5.3.32-C67, which appears to be that EVERY contact is emailed when the payment is entered, regardless of whether they were selected on the invoice, is not at all preferred. I work with some relatively large organizations, with different small groups which sometimes overlap on certain projects, and sometimes do not, so automatic mass cross-emailing about different projects becomes very confusing, and the workaround of creating a different “company” for all of them does not work very well, etc.)


Thanks for the feedback!

cc @david

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Exactly my thought too. :smirk:
You simply sort of “spam” people that has nothing to do with it and thus are irrelevant to billing/invoicing and they can’t do anything about it.

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sounds reasonable to filter by invoice invites for payments also?

It sounds good to me