Many quote / invoice lines - cant create more than 99 lines in a quote

I’m using invoiceninja online to send quotes and invoices.
Now I’m intending to make a quote with 112 product lines.
The first 99 lines is created correct. When trying to create product line number 100, it seems impossible to create more lines than 99 in the quote.
After I have entered the product quantity at line 99 and press tab to create another product line, the cursor just jump to the Taxfield, instead of creating a new product line. I have tried to save the quote and log out and in again - same behavior. I desperately need to make more than 100 product lines in the quote and now bang my head against the wall for what’s seems to be a bug, limiting the numbers of produce line in a quote/invoice.

The limit in v4 is 100, we plan to increase the limit in v5

I understand, and mostly this limit is due to performance considerations / avoiding timeouts ?

But for me just now this is a big problem. I’m going to send a quote for nearly $270.000,- and this limit is preventing me from sending the quote since I need 112 product lines in this quote. Is it possible to override this limit, so I at least can finalize the quote ??

If you’re self hosting you can try adding MAX_INVOICE_ITEMS=200 to the .env file

Normally, I host everything myself, but for Invoiceninja, it was convenient to use the online service,
For now, I solved the problem by creating two quotes, but it is not a good solution. If I was aware of this limitation before starting to write a quote with more than 100 items, I would rater specified the products in a spreadsheet and sent the invoice "according to attached spreadsheet or something like that.