Manually process credit card payments for customer

Is it possible to manually process a credit card payment from within the admin panel? We get allot of customers calling us and giving us there credit card over the phone to process an invoice. We won’t want to have to login to each customers portal to enter in there credit card.

Also is it possible to save a credit to a customers account and then use that card to make payment to any invoice or reoccurring invoice?

Yes, you need to click ‘View in portal’ on the invoice page and then ‘Pay now’.

Yes, it’s supported with Stripe, WePay, Braintree and GoCardless.


Question, is there any UI for customer to manage multiple credit cards? I know some of plugins support the customer being able to put there credit card on file. However, I don’t see anyway with in Invoice Ninja for customer to manage which credit cards they want to use to pay different invoices. I also don’t see a way for customers to delete a credit card on file and add a new one.

Thank you

The UI is on the client portal dashboard page but the app limits the client to having one of each type of payment (ie, a credit card and a bank account).