Manually enter partial payment


When some pays a portion of their invoice through the portal, their invoice is marked as partial. If they don’t pay through the portal, I’d like to mark their invoice as partially paid. Two questions:

  1. Is there a way to manually mark invoice with partial payment
  2. If yes, will this automatically send the customer an email with an update and receipt of that partial payment?



  1. Yes, you can enter a manual payment for a partial amount
  2. It depends on whether the “send email” option is enabled

How do I manual mark as partially paid? I’m not entering their payment information, I just need to mark the invoice. Thanks

Invoice are marked as paid (or partially paid) by creating payments.

If you choose the “Mark Paid” invoice action the app will create a payment for the full amount, if you use the “Enter Payment” option you can specify the amount.

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