Make (Integromat) Tax rate

I set the tax on the whole invoice (VAT Settings: invoice taxtrate (“Eerste BTW-tarief”) and product taxrate disbabled). When I manually create an invoice with InvoiceNinja it works nicely. But when I create an invoice via Make (Integromat) integration it default to no tax, I have to select the Tax rategroup.

Can I configure this in InvoiceNinja
And if I have to do that in Make/Integromat. What field (Tax Name 1, Tax Rate 1)? And what is the name of my Tax? Is that “Eerste BTW-tarief” or should I use the English name, but what is is?


@david I assume this would be a backend change to apply the default tax settings.

To configure this manually in Make you’d want to match the name and rates supplied for the tax rate in the app.

If I want to configure this manuallly. What is the name and rate?

Is it: “21% Hoog tarief” according to this screen:

Or should I use the tax rate settings screen fields:

So name is: “Hoog tarief”
and rate is: “21%”


Name is: “Hoog tarief”
Rate is: “21”

Thank you. Works very nice.

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!