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Having an issue where the main dashboard shows blank where it supposed to show all the new and upcoming invoices.

Its like it can’t find any records to display. This happens on desktop & mobile, flutter and react.


The Flutter and React apps are completely separate codebases, if it’s blank in both apps it implies the issue it with the underlying data.

Do you have invoices which are marked as sent and have the due date set?

I have a bunch i sent out on friday. And none of them are there.

Did the problem start after an upgrade?

Which version do you see in the about dialog in the app?

I was wrong.
Its showing on react. But not flutter or app

It was the opposite was before.

I’m on v5.8.33.
I updated from v5.8.30 to 5.8.33 on 3/7/2024

I’m not sure, this is the first report I’ve heard of the issue and I’m not able to reproduce it.

Have you tied logging out and then back in?

Hey, i fixed it.
Did an update to the newest version and cleared the cache of my proxy. Everything loaded after that.

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!