Mailgun settings

I am setting up the self-hosted Invoice Ninja.

On the set up page it wants SMTP settings. I am using Mailgun.

The labels for the requested settings do not match those provided by Mailgun. Meaning, they are too ambiguous. What’s more the Send Test Mail feature will say “Mail sent” no matter what I put into those fields. So there is really no way to tell what’s what.

Would someone kindly explain what is actually being requested with the following fields:

Mailgun Domain
Mailgun Private Key

I assume “Private Key” refers to the API key?
As for the domain, is that referring to the “SMTP hostname”, or the “API Base URL” or something else?
Is “Username” referring to the “Default SMTP Login” or something else?



Maybe this will help:

Thanks Hillel,

That page indicates the “domain” is the one I set up MG on, and the “Password” is the API key.
It makes no mention of the “Username”, so I assume I can put anything into that field, or just leave it empty?

I’ve put in the domain and API key. The Sent Test (as mentioned) says the test has sent (when it obviously hasn’t), and nothing occurs on Mailgun.

Any further suggestions?
Also, to whom do we make suggestions for this application? For example, I think the test email should indicate it has failed to connect when it has not managed to send an email.



I’m not sure, I’ve never used Mailgun. This feature was added in a pull request by a community member.