Mail Template for Custom Variable date month and year

Hi ,
How to add current month in email template
I tried with code below without no luck :


To view your invoice for your monthly subscription ( $month to $month+1) $amount, click the link below.



Also I need year and date/ day if any possibilities

Thank you


I’m not sure if this is supported, which version of the app are you using?

@david, @ben any thoughts?

Hi Hillel,
I’m on version v4.5.19 self-hosted (by softacoluos)
I also try on my account at but seem not work too

thank you

Sorry, it isn’t supported in v4.

It may be possible in v5, or if not we could consider adding it.

That good news, Let me be grateful to the people likes you who make us happy with the rich features invoicing system. Thank you very much.