Mail queue not working properly?

I had changed my password for the sending account noted in the .env and forgot to initially update it.

I sent a couple of invoices, but they weren’t actually sent due to authentication failure to my mail server.

It was expected that these emails would be queued and retried eventually. I updated the .env with the new password and ran php8.2 artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1 as well as php8.2 artisan queue:listen. There were no further emails sent or seemingly in the queue.

Why didn’t invoiceninja add these emails to the queue to be retried?

I have QUEUE_CONNECTION=database in the .env.

What is the difference between QUEUE_CONNECTION and QUEUE_DRIVER? Do I need both?


@david can you please advise?

I don’t think QUEUE_DRIVER is a very old Laravel term that has been superceded by QUEUE_CONNECTION

Was referring to info found here: Configure — Invoice Ninja 4.5.50 documentation (

Any idea why the mail queue didn’t work for my situation @david ? It’s like invoiceninja tried to send it, couldn’t authenticate to send and then ended up just cancelling emailing the invoice.

That is the documentation for v4, which is the previous generation, in that version of laravel the name of the QUEUE_DRIVER, in v5 the version of Laravel that we use is QUEUE_CONNECTION.

I’m assuming you are using v5, which has its documentation here: