Mail not sending consistently on recurring invoice

So I have a v5 install working and it works great for the most part. However, I have a number of recurring invoices and I see the jobs run while watching the container, but not all of the invoices are generated and sent. What can I look at to get this resolved. I checked my env file and I’m using the database as a queue: QUEUE_CONNECTION=database

Now I know email works as I get notification when someone pays or looks at an invoice it seems like when it has “alot” to do it just doesn’t work all the time. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, I’m running 5.8.36


Do you know if the queue is running/are any recurring invoices being emailed?

Yes, if I watch the active docker logs, I see the queue running, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t do EVERYTHING. Then I go and change the auto email send time to 1 hour later and then it does some more, and finally by the 3rd hour it eventually gets the invoices. I’m only sending out 21 recurring invoices so it really doesn’t make sense.

I suggest checking if there are any records in the failed_jobs table after it runs the first time.

Also, please check for any related errors in storage/logs as well as the system logs in the app.

OK I’ve turned on extended logging and don’t see any errors - all my invoices have since sent out, but I’ll keep an eye one this.