mail-API (Mailgun) integration in hosted solution


I’m using the hosted version of IN.

I would like to use an own email gateway (mail API), like MailGun.
So the mails would come from, and not from – like now -

Is this possible? How could I do this?
This is an important feature, because many of my customers think, that the mail address from invoiceninja is spam and don’t open the email with the invoice!

Thanks for your help.

This currently requires using the self host version of our app.

Another (sub-optimal) option is to copy the ‘View as recipient’ link and email it manually.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I hoped that I could avoid the manual interventions.
I know I can also download the pdf and forward it manually.

But that costs time again and the simplicity is lost.

would/could you implement this feature in a future version of the hosted solution?

We’ll definitely consider it…

Would be great, thank you