Macos Safari 15 PDF Viewer

Hi I am currently still running v4.5.17 without issue for as long as I can remember without complaints. But I just upgraded Macos and it has Safari 15.3 which will not render the PDF’s anymore. Firefox works fine. iOS Safari 15 works fine.

if I download the pdf in Firefox, I can open it just fine in Safari 15. I have tried used phantomjs cloud as well as the latest version of local PhantomJS with the same result. And I have restarted Apache.

Do you have any suggestions or is Macos Safari 15 just a problem?


If it was working before my guess would be something could have changed in Safari.

You may want to consider upgrading to v5.

Note: there is currently a separate bug we’re working on with v5 and Safari but with v5 you can use the desktop macOS app: ‎Invoice Ninja on the App Store

Thanks. Yea it seems Safari 15 on Macos does not work very well. I just realized I can’t even use and drop down menus if the live preview is enabled. If I turn off live preview, its usable.