Mac shortcut: move window between monitors

I imagine that in general you have your hands full, and in particular perhaps in keeping up with peculiarities of macOS. This is definitely a “nice-to-have” kind of feature:

The last few versions of macOS have a default Window menu option of:
• Move to [name of other monitor/display]

No biggie, but a convenient shortcut vs. dragging and resizing the active window (when, for example, I want a visual reminder that I’ve got a timer running). In my naïveté, I wonder if the next time there’s a Mac update this option could be grabbed out of the Apple box and plugged in.



Thanks for the suggestion!

We’re using a cross platform framework called Flutter to build the admin portal, we’d need them to implement this for it to be supported by the app.

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OK, thanks for the context!

And voilà, it has appeared!
Thanks for the follow up!


Awesome, glad to hear it!