Lots of problems with V5

I used v4 for many years trouble free and after trying unsuccessfully in the past to upgrade, I decided to finally try again and move to v5.
I am on a sharedhosting service. php 8.1. So it is hard for me to run things from a command line.
My version of InvoiceNinja is v5.7.62-C145 (it says that is the latest)

What works: Critical features work so that at least Clients can view the pdf of the invoice in the email so at least I can continue to use the product while I fix the issues.

What does not work:

  • client portal gives them a 404 error
  • pdf buttons do not work for preview, nor download, etc. BUT when I am creating the invoice I can see the pdf display on the bottom of the window! Also, since the clients can view the attached pdf, pdf generation is working partially.
  • If I click on print the invoice, view, or download the pdf, I get an error (404: Route does not exist) and the dynamic status line keeps moving and I cant save the invoice nor do much…
  • the yellow warning flag on the bottom left of the window indicates the cron job is not configured, but it seems to be configured correctly so I am not sure why the warning won’t go away.

If I could get the client portal and pdf working I would be very happy. The cron job and auto sending invoices is not a big deal.


The errors sound like the app is misconfigured. The latest version is v5.8.33, it may help to upgrade.

Also, how is the app installed? The best option is to use a subdomain, ie. invoice.domain.com.

It is in a subdomain. invoice.domain.com

Is the APP_URL set correctly in the .env file?

I suggest updating to the latest version to see if it helps.

I have upgraded to v5.8.33-C156
No change in issues, unfortunately.

When doing the upgrade I had created a new subdomain. There were some redirections in the Domain Records and when I searched all the redirect records I found one from the temporary subdomain.

Everything seems to be working perfectly now!

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!