Looking for someone to help my set up my Invoices

I have been using InvoiceNinja for quite a while now and I am generally very happy with my invoices.
However, there are a few issues that I just cannot resolve.

Issue #1:
Between my last row of items and my Invoice Terms/Total amount, there is a a huge space which I cannot get rid of.

Issue #2:
When dealing with more items, my Invoice Terms/Total amount first slides behind my footer before it jumps to a new page

Issue #3:
I would love to have my item column a touch wider and my Quantity item a touch narrower.

Issue #4:
Is there a way to have the invoice numbers be generated automatically?

Any help would be highly appreciated!



This should be possible using a custom design:


@ben any thoughts on some of these?

For #4 can you explain what you mean, the numbers should already be generated automatically.


Thanks so much for getting back to me.

When I create a new invoice in the top right there is a field called “Invoice Number”.
Is there a way to have an automatically generated number populate this field?

That number is populated automatically once the invoice is created. Saving it as a draft will also populate the number.

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