Long Description of Invoice Item Alignment

I’ve noticed that in the invoice’s items under “Description” column, the alignment is somewhat not applied specially if the text contains a long content like on the screenshot below:

How can I possibly align the format should it look more of a clean style?


I’m not sure I understand how you’d like it to look.

There’s an option on Settings > Invoice Design to hide blank column which would provide more space to the description column.

Hi Hillel,
Thank you for the response, appreciate it a lot.

What I meant is that the html tags applied on the description (e.g. new line break) does not seem to be reflecting when previewing the PDF format of the invoice. This somehow brings a little confusion on the eyes of our client when reading the description of the invoice item. Here is an example:

Figure 1. Preview under “Products” menu (see text inside yellow box)

Figure 2. Preview under “Invoices” view PDF

Somehow, the formatting structure under Description field differs from the way it was presented under “Products” view menu.

Can you check that the PDF markdown option is disabled on Settings > Account Management.


It’s currently set to disable

Let me enable it and retry again.

I’m not sure I follow, in the screenshot above the line breaks are respected on the PDF.

Hi Hillel,

Your recommendation worked. I enabled the PDF markdown and when I viewed the quote or invoice, the aesthetics was now applied; however is there a way that the text can be aligned as justified

It may be possible using CSS in a custom design but I don’t have the code to share.

Okay thanks for the help, Hillel.