Logo variations

Is there any way to load a different logo for the client portal, compared to that which is used on the invoice? My logo is traditionally a square, but I do have a horizontal version that would work much better on the portal… however, my main logo needs to be what is displayed on my invoice.

Any thoughts? Manual ways to force this? Current logo just looks rediculous as its so small on portal. :joy:

Alternatively, would be happy if the portal logo adapted to the square image (increased height).

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One option would be to use a custom invoice design and embed the logo in the design by encoding it as base64.

Hi @hillel!

Thanks for the tip with the logos. Worked, but the email template headers use the logo uploaded under company details too.

In our case, we use the dark email design and the header of our invoice & quote is black to work with our white logo and green tagline. Our inverse logo is black with a green tagline which we’d like to use in the customer portal as we can’t edit the colours of the customer portal area on the hosted platform.

Did I imagine it, or was there an option to add custom CSS for the client portal previously?

Many thanks for a brilliant product too!


I don’t believe custom CSS is supported for the client portal with the hosted platform.

@david can you please confirm if that’s correct?

You can use custom css on the hosted platform. We block javascript however.

You may find it tricky to target the CSS selectors however. This is something we plan to remedy once we work on the Livewire 3 upgrade.

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I believe this is hidden in the Flutter UI, I’ll show it in the next release.

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