Logo not displaying in Settings or Invoice

So, I may be missing something, but I’ve scoured the forums for an anwer to this with no luck.

I’ve uploaded the logo, which correctly is stored in /public/storage/xxxxx.png

However, Invoice Ninja keeps referring to the http:// version of this file, not the https:// link, and so I get the error:

Blocked loading mixed active content "http://xxx.xxx.com/public/storage/HRQlWdboKjJ662dIpe7pdoeVdKmm3bJH/liWbSYWcJPSzIUxCG2caH9ZedKPyoV7gZuy7kNPJ.png"

In .env, the URL is set correctly (as far as I know) to

APP_URL: https://xxx.xxx.com/public

The logo displays fine on the client portal login page.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

This can happen if you are running behind a proxy,

if you use


this should resolve this issue.

Thanks, this does fix it for the main interface, but the image does not load correctly in the PDF invoice.


You may want to add the following to your .env


and then reoptimize

php artisan optimize


Thank you so much.