Logo and QR code will show on 2nd page as well


I have a problem with a template. The logo and QR code will show up also on 2nd page covering the totals. Code is inserted into body part of the html, not header. Is this a bug or my fault changing the html?


HTML Body code bellow:

[<div id="body">
               <div class="header-wrapper">
                  <div class="header-left-side-wrapper">
<!--                     <p class="header-text-label">$from_label:</p>-->
                     <div id="company-details"></div>
                     <div id="company-address"></div>
                  <div class="header-right-side-wrapper">
                     <div class="header-right-side-wrapper-left">
<!--                        <p class="header-text-label">$to_label:</p>-->
                        <div id="client-details"></div>
                        <div id="vendor-details"></div>
                     <div class="header-right-side-wrapper-right">
                        <img class="company-logo" src="$company.logo" alt="$company.name logo">
               <h1 class="entity-label">$entity_label # $entity_number</h1>                  
<!--                   <span class="entity-property-label">$invoice.custom1_label</span>    -->
                     <p style="font-size:30px"><span class="entity-property-value">$invoice.custom1</span></p><br>
<!--               <span class="entity-property-label" data-element="entity-details-wrapper-invoice-number-label">-->
<!--                     $entity_number_label:-->
<!--                     </span>                          -->
<!--                    <span class="entity-property-value">$entity_number</span><br>-->
                     <span class="entity-property-label">$date_label:</span>
                     <span class="entity-property-value">$date</span><br>
                     <span class="entity-property-label">$payment_due_label:</span>
                     <span class="entity-property-value">$payment_due</span><br>
<!--                     <span class="entity-property-label">$amount_due_label:</span>-->
<!--                     <span class="entity-property-value" data-element="entity-details-wrapper-amount-due">$amount_due</span><br><br>-->
                   <span class="entity-property-label">$invoice.custom3_label:</span>
                   <span class="entity-property-value">$invoice.custom3</span><br>    
                   <span class="entity-property-label">$invoice.po_number_label:</span>                     
                   <span class="entity-property-value">$invoice.po_number</span><br>
                   <span class="entity-property-label">$invoice.custom2_label:</span>	       
                   <span class="entity-property-value">$invoice.custom2</span><br>   
               <table id="product-table" cellspacing="0" data-ref="table"></table>
               <table id="task-table" cellspacing="0" data-ref="table"></table>
               <table id="delivery-note-table" cellspacing="0" data-ref="table"></table>
               <table id="statement-invoice-table" cellspacing="0" data-ref="table"></table>
               <div id="statement-invoice-table-totals" data-ref="statement-totals"></div>
               <table id="statement-payment-table" cellspacing="0" data-ref="table"></table>
               <div id="statement-payment-table-totals" data-ref="statement-totals"></div>
               <table id="statement-aging-table" cellspacing="0" data-ref="table"></table>
               <div id="statement-aging-table-totals" data-ref="statement-totals"></div>
                <div id="table-totals" cellspacing="0"></div><br>
                <center><p style="font-size30px"><span class="entity-property-value">$client.custom1</center></span></p><br>

<p><img src="https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?cht=qr&chl=BCD%0A002%0A1%0ASCT%0ABACXSI22%0ADB Studio, Dalibor Sternisa s.p%0ASI56290000051080930%0AEUR$amount_raw%0AGDSV%0ASI00$entity_number%0A$entity_number%0AClient: $client_name | $entity_number&chs=170x170&chld=L|0" class="qr-code img-thumbnail img-responsive" /></p>](https://)

Thank you



@david any thoughts?

I think the issue here may be rendering the QR code waiting for the webservice to complete?

Also i note you have some invalid markdown on the final line above.

FYI, in the next release, we have a QR Code inbuilt into the application, you can use


And it will generate a QR code for you to insert into the design template.

Thank you David.

I will wait for the new release.

I hope there will be an option to add additional fields to the QR code such as Company name, IBAN, qr code image size, amount_raw, not using the custom Fields that are already taken.

That is my current QR code:

<p><img src="https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?cht=qr&chl=BCD%0A002%0A1%0ASCT%0ABACXSI22%0ACompany name%0ABANK_IBAN%0AEUR$amount_raw%0AGDSV%0ASI00$entity_number%0A$entity_number%0AClient: $client_name | $entity_number&chs=170x170&chld=L|0" class="qr-code img-thumbnail img-responsive" /></p>

Thank you



The QR code in the next release only sends the user to the pay now link in the client portal.

Were you sending the client offsite to a different gateway?

One option here is to use a Custom Payment Gateway, and there you can build your URL using invoice variables.

Absolutely David. This is what is QR code really is about. Not for redirecting url. QR code is for scan and pay feature that every banking phone app has. So I have 20 bills, that I can just scan and pay all in one minute.

QR code should include all data needed for a bank transfer

In my case
IBAN (international bank account):
Company name:

It’s actually very simple:

Check here, download pdf document.


You can use any phone QR code reader to read it.


Just did an update (v5.5.48-C102) and still LOGO (and QR code) will show on 2nd page as well.

Do you have any workaround?

Thank you



Any possibility this bug gets resolved anytime soon?

Thank you



I think this issue isn’t a bug, but that you have the QR code in the repeating section of the template?

Yes it was my fault indeed.

CSS position “fixed” was causing it. I had to change it to “absolute”. Now it works good.

.company-logo {
max-width: 250px;
position: absolute;
right: 0px;

.qr-code {
max-width: 200px;
position: absolute;
top: 200px;
right: 30px;

Thank you

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