Login screen won't show translated strings


Not really a huge deal, but I checked and these strings are present in the translation file.

Try adding APP_LOCALE=… to the .env file.

Will do.

On another note, I need to resolve some other problem involving the client portal and I think I’ll need to recreate the INVITATIONS table (remember that I imported all my invoices from Freshbooks). How is the INVITATION_KEY field calculated?

In past releases invitations weren’t created when data is imported, this will be changed in our next release.

You may be able to generate the records by using the API to re-save each invoice.

I imported everything manually via SQL, so I would need to recreate it anyway.

Searched through the source code at GitHub, looks like Invoice Ninja sets random strings to these Keys, so I’ll just generate them all via Excel and import to the database.

Way faster than dealing with the API, I guess. For me, at least.

How to start a new topic/post here? I am logged in but can not see Start New Topic Option anywhere…

At the bottom of this page:


ohh…yes… I missed it… I didn’t scroll down till end… Thanx

Just so it won’t go unanswered: @hillel, I solved the client portal thing by generating random strings for the INVOICE_KEY field and recreating the INVITATIONS table via Excel > CSV > PhpMyAdmin. Now the client portal is fully functional :smiley: