Login page on Safari does not trigger saved password feature


Thanks for taking a look at this potential issue.

I am new to the platform, and noticed today on logging in for the second time, that the login page (i.e., the username and password boxes) do not trigger Safari’s prompt for its builtin password manager. Nor, I also then realized, was the password I created on signup saved to that password manager.

This is (gently) something of an irritation, as I rely on the manager to maintain all of that for me. Not necessarily the sort of thing I’d stop using the product for, but certainly something that could make the overall experience much better.

(This is on Mac OS 12.1, Monterey; Safari 15.2.)



Sorry for the trouble!

We hope this will improve but we’re dependent on the framework we’re using.

Have you considered using the macOS desktop app?


Thanks for the quick response!

Unfortunately, as the Mac app appears to just be a sort of wrapper around the web version, the behavior can be seen there, too.


The macOS app is not a wrapper, it’s a native app.

It doesn’t have the password remember feature but you can stay logged into the app.