Logging questions

Dashboard → Activity and Invoices → (any invoice, which was viewed by the client) → Activity shows “$client.name viewed invoice $invoice.number”. I have multiple contacts to a client and when invoices are mailed the invoice URLs are unique for every contact. If I go to Invoices → (any invoice, which was viewed by the client) → Contacts I can only see when each of those contacts viewed the invoice last. But shouldn’t the activity tab message better read “$contact.first_name $contact.last_name of $client.name viewed invoice $invoice.number”? That way we’d know which of the clients contacts viewed the invoice even after the invoice was viewed multiple times.

And just wondering: My Dashboard → System Logs has no new entries since Aug 6, 2021. Shouldn’t there more being logged?


Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll look into showing the contact details.

@david any thoughts on debugging the system log issue?


If you are using data queue’s there should be more information regarding the failure of the system logs to be recording in your DB. If you inspect the failed_jobs table of your DB, there should be more info there.