LOG.error: Uncaught Error: No unicode cmap for font ?


I have recently updated to 2.4.9.x and when I’m trying to create a new invoice, I get this message

LOG.error: Uncaught Error: No unicode cmap for font

when I use chrome. when I use IE, I get

LOG.error: 'recurring_due_date' is undefined

In both cases, no preview of the invoice appears and it doesn’t generate or send anything. My upgrade process from 2.4.8 was to upload a fresh copy of the files (zip, not github) and copy over the .env and logo files. Unfortunately, I was foolish enough to not do a db export before this update so I can’t roll back - every other update has been trouble free and I got complacent.

If anyone has any suggestions they would be most helpful.

You may be able to resolve the “No unicode cmap for font” by saving your settings on the invoice design page.

Try adding the following line at the beginning of the InvoiceModel function in resources/views/invoices/knockout.blade.php for the recurring_due_date error.

self.recurring_due_date = ko.observable(’’);

Sorry for the trouble, this will be corrected in our next release.

I think that might have done the trick - wonderful! I have learned my lesson and will back up before updating in future!