Lock invoices regarding to french laws

Hi there,

I’m using Invoice Ninja for a while now, and I just noticed that my invoices are modified when I add a related payment.
Unfortunately, it si completely forbidden by french laws.

I saw that developers implement a parameter to avoid this behaviour: https://invoice-ninja.readthedocs.io/en/latest/configure.html#lock-invoices

So, I did add it to my .env file, but it’s not working.
When I create a new invoice, send it to the client (so the invoice is mark as sent) and add a payment to it, the invoice change…

I just upgrade my installation into version 4.5.16, on a self-hosted version.

Does anyone faces the same problem ?
Do I need a fresh installation to make it work ?

Thanks you for you help !


The lock invoices feature prevents the app from allowing the invoice to be changed in the UI.

You may want to attach the PDF to the email so you have a frozen copy of the invoice.


Thank you for your answer.
I don’t get it, invoice is in fact changed in the UI when I add a related payment…

I need to completely froze invoices when they are sent.
A copy of the PDF in a email is unfortunately not a good backup option for me.

Is this possible at all ?

Thank you.

Up ? :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m French too. It seems to me that the only thing modified in the invoice is the balance. It does not change the items, the total amount nor the taxes, does it ? Do you think you could get into some trouble for updating the balance of an invoice on the invoice itself ? I don’t know the size of your company nor its incomes, but for a one person business like me making 50k€/100k€ per year, I would take the risk, considering other functions Invoice Ninja help me to be more precise in my invoices (i.e. making a better job for the fisc to check my activity). Please tell me how you see it, I’ll help me think about it.


In french laws, invoices should not be updated at all…
The only thing you can do is to cancel the invoice and create a new one if you need to do some updates.

Regarding my business, I absolutely want and need to continue using InvoiceNinja, this product is just perfect (regardless this invoice semi-problem).
As Hillel answer me, when I first create an invoice, I download it and save it to a secure location that I will still have the original one.


Thanks for your answer.

Something just hit me : you could create a custom invoice model and remove the balance filed, so that invoice won’t change. But it doesn’t really lock the invoice.


I try this, without any success I’m afraid.
Let’s be clear: I think it’s a solution, but I wasn’t able to do it…

yeah i have the same problem too
it really annouying

We’ll keep this in mind for v5…