Localizing custom fields

Hi there,

We spend fair amount of time trying to combine knowledge and IN features to achieve localization for custom fields unsuccessfully.

Custom fields labels are in Settings → Custom fields → Invoices → Custom 1/4
The label is showed as is in the invoice (definition is at company level), so using custom label key wouldn’t work. And there is no place where to localize it as custom fields are not supported at Group definition level.
The fields’ type are also there - supporting different types choices is great!!
Corresponding values go in invoice.custom_value1/4

The only alternative we have though about at that stage is to manage it server side and add everything needed for the localization in the custom_value1/4. This is far from desired.

Do we miss something?
Guidance would be highly appreciated.
Thank you.


I’m not sure if this is currently supported, @david any thoughts?

Currently there is only a single level for the custom labels.

It isn’t a feature that has been highly requested, so we have not invested a lot of resources into expanding this.

Understood. Thank you!