Localisation - Germany: Adress "City" and "State"


I have the following problem. In Germany, it is rather unusual for us to use both “City” and “State” in an address. If this field is empty, there will be no issue until automatic billing with Stripe, as the field will be needed again at that time.

Is there anyone who has an idea where I can dive in? I would create a feature request on Github and spend maybe some time during the upcoming holidays on it.


Sorry, I’m not sure I understand. What change are you proposing to make?

Hey, sorry for the connfusion.

German Adress:
First name Last name
Street address
Postal code, city
country (if needed)

US Adress:
First name Last name
Street address
City, State, Postal code
country (if needed)

There are no state abbreviations. We just need the city field.

Can you just leave the state field blank?

Until the customer wants to pay via stripe yes. Because the App requiers that field.

@david do you have any suggestions?