Links not working

I installed IN on our server and have used htaccess to redirect all traffic to …/public/ as that’s where the install is but whenever a user gets a system generated link for a password reset or to view an invoice the …/public/ part of the URL is missing.

Updated .env to this:

Hey there,

Thanks for reporting this. Can you please let us know which version of Invoice Ninja are you referring to?


I edited the .env file to include the public folder but when I create buy now links for products they are redirecting to the root folder.

For example…

This link:

Results in this link when put into a browser:

I have removed the redirect from ftaccess so the redirect to public/… should be managed by .env, no?

Hi guys

Would it be possible to have an update on this please?

Hi guys… Sorry but this is quite urgent now.


Try removing the slash after buy_now/

The URL is system generated and your suggestion will not work.

Please read the OP. It’s the “/public/” part of the URL that seems to getting wrewritten.

Happy to know it won’t work… have you actually tried it?