Links don't work on PDF anymore

For a few weeks, payment link hasn’t been working anymore in my invoice PDFs so I manually added a simple <a> link to the template design and it turns out it’s not working either.

  • Editing the template design, with Draft/HTML mode, the links work fine ;
  • Editing the template design, with PDF preview mode, the links are blue and underlined but not clickable ;
  • Actually generating the PDF, same problem.

I’m on a v5.7.6-C123 hosted on a Cloudron with auto-updates enabled so I think it comes from a recent update. It looks like a bug so I would directly fill in a forge ticket but as I’m new to IN I thought I would first warn here. :slight_smile:


@david any ideas?

This would most likely be related to having page numbering enabled.

We use a separate package to insert the page numbers which may interfere with embeded links.

Sorry, what do you mean by that exactly? Is there a setting for that and where? Couldn’t find it in the docs. By the way I don’t see page numbers on our generated PDFs.

The page number setting is on Settings > Invoice Design

The closest thing I found is “page numbers alignment”, here at the bottom (in french):

(Again, we have no page numbers on our invoices.)

The setting above that determines if the numbers are shown or not.

Right but it’s already set to “hide”, and showing them doesn’t change anything.

Did you try to enable debug mode and check the /storage/logs/*log files?

I set APP_DEBUG=true in env and restarted the server. I generated an invoice PDF. Nothing shows in /storage/logs/laravel.log aside from:

[2023-11-12 23:30:01] production.INFO: updating currencies  
[2023-11-13 06:20:00] production.INFO: Performing Autobilling 2023-11-13 06:20:00

I’m unsure if it’s normal. Shouldn’t I see debug info?

Also should be noted that the app was last updated on the 31st of August and the last invoice I’m sure was working was generated in september, so it might not be related to an update. But hell if I know what else it could be. :confused:

Set expanded logging to true, you will get one. ore log file in the same dir.

Done. Nothing came out from the newly generated invoiceninja.log file.

In the same page you linked, I saw and added the LOG_PDF_HTML=true parameter, so I got the HTML output for generating the PDF (expires in 5 days). I can see that the <a> tag is well-formed.