Linking administrators directly to invoices, clients and quotes


In InvoiceNinja v4 when logged in as an administrator we were able to link to a client using a URL like https://invoiceninja.url/clients/612 or to an invoice at https://invoiceninja.url/invoices/5887/edit but in InvoiceNinja v5 I am unsure how to recreate this seamless experience.

This functionality made it easy for our team to communicate about a particular invoice or client and modify these quickly, without searching.

Is something like this possible in the Flutter or React interface in InvoiceNinja v5?


This is supported in the React app.

Oh wow, I see it right there in the URL bar in the React app! Thank you @hillel

For example /recurring_invoices/rMtbmP1aY3/edit takes you to a particular recurring invoice that already exists.

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