Link/Unlink account (self hosted)

Could you please explain how I can link/unlink accounts to a company, and how I can create a company.
I don’t get it, and it seems to be not a pattern to me that I understand: Unlinking is done by the “X” nebst the user name in the menu (there should be a title hint!)

But How do I add a user to an existing company?
How do I create a company?

I found the .env file where I can add “ALLOW_NEW_ACCOUNTS=true” - but I don’t want to have my own InvoiceNinja instance open to the world - anyone can create new users,accounts (etc?) then, right?

What exactly is the difference between account and user?

Thank you very much.

  • Use the following page to add users to an existing account: /company/advanced_settings/user_management
  • Add ALLOW_NEW_ACCOUNTS=true to your .env to support adding new companies

Note: remove the ALLOW_NEW_ACCOUNTS=true flag after you’ve created the account so other people can’t create accounts. I’ll look into changing this so you just need to be logged in to create a new account on a self-host install.

Also, to explain multi-users vs multi-accounts.

  • Multiple users allows you to have a group of people who can all login and access the same single company/account. Currently all users can see all data within the account.
  • Multiple accounts allows you to create separate company records which each have their own logo, invoices, clients, etc.

We’ll change it from “Add Account” to “Add Company” to hopefully help clarify the difference, I see how “Account” could easily be confused with “User account”.

Thanks. Bug report, just to add the link here.

Thanks, this is fixed in v2.3!

Thanks for your excellent feedback and translation corrections!

Ive Added a Company. An Account bearing the Guest name appears to have been created. Is this account supposed to be accessed from the login window using the same credentials as those used to access my first Company (Account) ? (and afterwards selecting the 2nd Company’s Account from the dropdown in the upper-right corner?)

Yes, you should be able to switch between the companies when you’re logged into one of them.

Once you register the user for the company ‘Guest’ should be replaced with the user’s info.

When you say “register the user for the Company” do you mean “Add a Company” because when I did this the Guest (Account and user) were created automatically. I think the confusion lies in the creation of a new “user” to be the Owner of the new “Company”. I dont see why this is necessary, why cant the User (owner) of the first Account (Company) become automatically the Owner of the second Account (Company) ?
I managed to change all of the “Guest” user’s info except for his password. Right now I can’t see how, having the credentials for my 1st original Account (Company), I could change the password for this other Account (Company), without running the password recovery procedure. I dont know why, when this other Account was created, I wasn’t prompted (I think) for a password for it.
thanks a lot,

I’m willing to read the documentation on this topic if you could direct me to it. I haven’t found it in the Knowledge Base.

We require that the user’s emails are different to ensure we can trace back an email address to a single company.

Right after creating a new company a popup should be displayed which gives you a chance to set the new user’s name, email address and password. You may be able to click ‘Sign Up’ in the top right to see it.

Hello! I added a new Company. The new Company Owner can now see the first companys data…

How can i prevent this? Thanks for Help!

The primary owner of the account is the admin and can access all sub-companies.

If you add an additional user to the company their permissions can be limited.

Thank you, Hillen!