Line Total of Product is not incorrect with Item Tax Enabled

Hi Team

I have enabled Item Tax with Two Tax rate. However, on selecting the taxes in the item level, line total is still reflecting the Total Taxable Amount instead of Total amount ( Both in PDF & Screen )

Though, the final amount is added with the tax, I would need to reflect the Line Total as ( Total amount of the item + Total Tax of the item ) for each item.



The screenshot is of the admin portal, would you like the changes there or on the PDF?

@hillel I am facing the same issue. Both in admin portal & pdf.

@david maybe we can add a ‘line total w/tax’ product/task field to accomodate this?

Thank you for the reply, Hillel. That would really help to comply with the invoice rules here.

Each line item has a unit cost, quantity, item tax rate and a line total which includes the tax value.

It would also greatly help if the invoice shows the tax value (eg. 9% tax of a product worth Rs. 1000 is Rs. 90) instead of just showing the tax rate (9%) in each row.