Line item limit on hosted version

The main reason I moved from Freshbooks was so we could get our detailed invoicing back by using the API.

This is our first billing run and it seems when we try to create large invoices with many line items (like a hundred or more but maybe less than 100 also, no sure) we have nothing but issues.

I assume we are running into performance issues and limitations.

For example, when we create the draft invoice from the API, it looks OK, sort of, at first, then when we click to email the invoice it doubles all the line items and doubles the invoice. Also, a new blank client is created in Invoice Ninja with no customer name, no way to look at the customer or anything, just the ability to delete it.

This is so dangerous because if we didn’t notice the doubling of the invoice we could have charged out customer say $3000 instead of $1500 which would end up in a mess with out customer to say the least.

We can for now, reduce the detail of our larger customer’s invoices to make things work for this month. But… We bill for telecommunication services and really need the detailed billing and is the main reason we left Freshbooks because their API documentation was maddening to say the least.

Any help is appreciated.


The default line item limit is 100 but you can increase by adding MAX_INVOICE_ITEMS=500 in the .env file

If you’re seeing the line items double setting a large value for max_input_vars may help.

Assuming only you can make this change since I am on the hosted version.

Also it’s more than that, it’s creating a blank customer which is bizarre. I basically can’t create large invoices in the hosted version at this point without lots of eradicate behavior.

The hosted version doesn’t support invoices with more than 100 line items, could that explain it?

I mean I guess it could… Is this published somewhere before you sign up?

I signed up for the hosted version and wanted to specifically pay for the hosted version so I would have less hassles and more support.

It seems I will have less issues and more flexibility with a self hosted version. I want to support the developers and have less hassles, that’s the idea. But I somehow feel like I am the odd bird here wanting to pay for the hosted version. I don’t know… Love the product and trying to find the best way to use it but it’s been a rough go today with our first full billing run honestly. Between WePay issues and this limitations and wonkeyness, just a rough day.

I mean, I have customers with more than 100 lines items I need to bill them for each month so, this is a problem and I guess I would have maybe hit the breaks early on had I known or seen this limitation on your website.

Guess I should have read more…

I think you may be better off self-hosting the app, sorry for the trouble!

Note: our next version will not have this limit.

How hard will it be for me to move everything I have already worked hard to put in the hosted version over to a self hosted version?

Is there any commercial support options for a self hosted version?


You can transfer your data/settings using the JSON option on Settings > Import/Export.

We provide support to all users but don’t have a paid option for it.

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I’m going to stay on the hosted version for now because I don’t need the hassles of moving everything again and hassling my customers again and re-working the API again etc.

But, what would you recommend when I decide to do a self install? v5 or is that still in beta? Will I be able to use the same WePay account or will I need to get yet another WePay account if I self host?


v5 isn’t ready for production use.

I just remembered WePay doesn’t support the self host version of the app, they used to but then changed their policy. Stripe is the recommended gateway.

I also have a Stripe account, might need to re-visit that. I get my money in hours with WePay vs several days with Stripe so, sigh… Thanks again.

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