Let me Welcome myself!

ARISE!!!..Ananse has arrived…court is now in session!..happy new year #NINJATEAM…this is a great app and cost effective for us small business owners who struggle with every bill…THANK YOU to the TEAM behind Invoice Ninja Development. I am very new to the app, i have just install it on my server to test and get use to it then decide. I was searching for an app the can allow me to charge fro subscriptions on my website, an app that will allow a promo code creation, offer promotions, pay now button, like what many webhost use…and then i came across NINJA the man…I have not truly used it yet but I can see it is a SOLID, POWERFUL tool. …i hope it is possible to let a buy now, subscribe now, pay now buttons on my website open a product page with detail of cost, tax, discount code filed, etc to have a customer pay. like a shopping cart thing…I cannot afford to pay to hire employees so I try my best to reduce the need for man-intervention…I am still searching for a SaaS kind of invoicing / payment environment… also, can a vendor / user be logged in and just see their vendor account, user account and what they assigned to do…example a user logs in and don’t see products, company details…also, can I create a user who can sign in and only see a new everything of their own…meaning their own products, clients, invoices, etc?..am asking because I would love to provide a free service to my fellow black business owners so they have a professional invoicing system…they can log in to their account and see just their stuff…their logo, payment methods etc via the web or the phone app
2-STEP-VERIFICATION is a must for SECURITY for even client logging in to pay the invoice,…COVID-19 has employed a lot novice scammers…and dealing with payment and people’s bank info is nothing to joke with…SSL is there too.

INVOICE adjustment, CREDITS to account, changes to quotes, etc should NEED an admin / or the boss’s approval…before and after of each invoice so you know what changed and when, and who,
support ticket for clients, user, vendor to send a complain…

I will give the dev team more ideas to make this OVER AMAZING…i have 13 years frontline customer service experience…you have really done a great job…it not easy at all…GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU ALL in the TEAM…making INVOICE NINJA possible!

some of what I have said probably already implemented …I will find out soon…am also going to install the v5 so i can report bugs, share more ideas, suggest features…

ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU the founder(s) …I take my seat now!


Welcome, thank you for your feedback!

I think most of this should be supported in v5 but if you find anything is missing please let us know.

my pleasure. I will test the v5 and give reports…input ideas.

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I started testing the v5. I may stick to it and forget the v4. I have both of them up and running on same sever. in the settings of the v5, looks like some advance settings get hidden as the menu box opens tall…i am using a 13 inch laptop screen…

take a look at the attached image
error message icon at bottom left says corns need to be enabled…maybe i missed that in the documentation
v4 has scroll bar, i dont see any scroll bar in the back end of v5…both chrome, microsoft edge and firefox browsers
if you can look at it and add scroll bar so we can see all options when they get expanded

user management is missing from v5

also i suggest logging in with same user id should log out the other signed in session or prevent another login under the same ID with message ID or USER IN USE…

In a future version you should see a scroll bar, for now you need to drag to scroll it down/up.

Have you configured the crons on the server?

no i did not…i wasn’t aware…

now i can see the hidden settings by dragging the page up/down…1 issue out of the way

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