Late fee added before midnight

We have some customers set to bill on the 1st of the month and due on the 5th. Last I remember, we had Invoice Ninja setup to apply a late fee on the 6th of the month if the invoice was not paid by the 5th. This has always worked.

This month, we had a customer email us about 11:40 pm (US Central Time) on 11/05/2021 complaining that the late fee had already been added to their invoice. Line item for the late fee says late fee added on 11/06/2021 but it wasn’t yet 11/06/2021, at least not in US Central Time which is where we are located, where our customer is located and the time zone we have set in the Invoice Ninja settings.

Before posting this, I went into the settings inside Invoice Ninja (Hosted v5) to check our settings for the late fees. I can’t find the late fee settings in version 5 so, that’s a thing too…

So, how do I find the late fee settings in version 5?

Any idea why the late fee was added before midnight on the 5th?

Also, just as a side note… Last month, a late fee was added to an invoice in spanish instead of english. We had to change the text on the line item to english manually by re-typing the description on the line item. We have never used any language but english in Invoice Ninja.

Thanks for any responses and help on this.


@david any ideas?

Anything on this? It seems that things are happening at the wrong time. For example, I have a recurring invoice setup to run on the first of the month but it ran instead hours before at 6:04 pm central time on 11/20/2021. I assume this is the same reason why my customers are getting charged a late fee before midnight. This is a problem and is causing my customers to get charged late fees when they do NOT apply. I have my time zone in the settings set to Central Time correctly so that’s not the issue. Your scheduling in the background is likely running on GMT instead of honoring my time zone setting. Please get this fixed, this is on v5 on your hosted platform.

We had the same issue. Fix was Settings->Email Settings->Send Time

No selection means UTC 0:00, we are PST so I have 8 AM. for CST it would be 10 AM (if you want emails sent at midnight)

Thank you, did this only fix the time the invoice emails are sent or did it also fix when late fees and such are applied? If it only changes the time the emails are sent, this isn’t a fix for me because the bigger issue is that late fees are being applied before midnight central time. So, if someone has an invoice due on say the 1st of the month and a late fee applies after midnight on the first, Invoice Ninja is currently applying the late fee before midnight which means that the user is getting charged the late fee if they pay at say 10pm on the day it’s due, this is wrong. I did change the setting suggested but, it doesn’t seem logical that it will fix all of the issues I’m having with applying late fees and such.

@david do you have any thoughts?


The send email setting will affect all outbound scheduled emails, so it should also set the reminders (and therefore late fees) correctly.

Please note, that the send time only affects invoices created after the setting has been configured. The schedule of previously created invoices doesn’t change.

Do you mean that I need to delete and recreate each recurring schedule in order for the new time settings to work on future invoices created from those recurring profiles? OR… Are you saying if I already have existing invoices, already created from those profiles, they won’t have the correct time settings?

Trying to understand if I need to wipe all recurring schedules to fix this or not. Thanks.


You shouldn’t have to recreate anything.

When the system fires a recurring invoice, it also sets the schedule for the next send date/time. So your changes will only come into effect when the invoice fires again.

OK great, we’ll see how it goes when the recurring invoices fire this month and the late fees and such are suppose to apply.