Lastpass / Bitwarden

Has anyone found the magic setting to enable Lastpass &/or BitWarden to login to v5?

We are migrating from LastPass to BitWarden (isn’t everyone), but either would work for me. Both indicate they know about IN, neither will fill in the login page.

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I have the same issue with 1Password. I put in the data manually by copy/paste. I have tried both Safari and Chrome on Mac OS and iOS.

I guess, the input fields don’t have the correct IDs or labels.

Here is some information from 1Password on how to tag the input fields:

This is caused by an issue with the framework we’re using, they’re working on a fix which should resolve the issue.

Until then if you change to the React app password managers should work correctly.

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Back to Flutter - React white screen’s my browser
SQL query to change back to the Flutter app:
UPDATE accounts SET set_react_as_default_ap = 0;

Yeah lastpass has never worked for me which I’ve been using for years. Would be very nice for it to work. I just got off the phone with their support and confirmed it’s the site not their plugin.

@hillel It looks like they merged that fix, but I’m still not able to autofill the login using Bitwarden + Firefox on the Flutter web app page. On the React web app page, it’s autofilling the user/pass but also fills the pass in the “secret” field, so it’s an extra manual step to clear that out. Is this limited to Firefox? Any workarounds available? TIA.

It’s possible a future release built with the latest version of Flutter will resolve the issue.

@david @ben any thoughts on the secret issue?

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We’ll add it to backlog

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