Laravel Log Errors - production.INFO: db fails (and others)

[2020-07-17 10:51:51] production.INFO: db fails
[2020-07-17 10:52:46] production.INFO: The command "PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin NODE_PATH=`npm root -g` node '/var/www/app/vendor/spatie/browsershot/src/../bin/browser.js' '{"url":"file:\/\/\/tmp\/77119076-0212997001594983166\/index.html","action":"pdf","options":{"path":"\/var\/www\/app\/public\/test.pdf","args":[],"viewport":{"width":800,"height":600},"displayHeaderFooter":false}}'" failed.

Exit Code: 127(Command not found)

Working directory: /var/www/app/public


Error Output:
sh: npm: not found
sh: node: not found

I’m using the invoiceninja/invoiceninja docker image behind traefik and migrating from v4.5.15 to v5.0.12. Thoughts?

From the error it looks like you need to install npm and node

Note: you 'll need to upgrade your v4 install to migrate. The v5 app needs to be setup as a clean install, the latest v4 version has a migration feature on Settings > Account Management.

Thanks @hillel! I ended up upgrading to v4.5.18. Is there any documentation on the migration tool. I might be looking in the wrong place -

Thanks again,

Sorry, there are no docs

No worries. Does it just update the database? Or export data for importing on the fresh install?
Also, if I’m self hosting, do I need to do anything special to make sure the White Label licenses comes over to the new install?

The tool migrates the data from the v4 app to the v5 app.

I’m not sure, if it doesn’t you can manually re-apply the license in the v5 UI.

To be clear, you need to setup up both the v4 and v5 apps separately