Kevboard bug no backspace, CAP or number keys

When opening Invoice Ninja v5 v5.3.62-W76 on a Windows 10 computer the keyboard does not operate as expected. Cannot backspace over typed characters in any of the fields. Cannot capitalize any characters, but after trying to use the SHIFT key to CAP a word, suddenly all keys on the keyboard operate as if CAPS LOCK is on, even thought it is not on, and does not allow us to turn off ALL CAPS, which means we cannot type any numbers. The number on the right side of the keyboard types nothing. We have to use the numbers across the top of they keyboard.

After having the Invoice Ninja app open for several minutes, the keyboard will suddenly start working as normal. Have not figured out if its a time thing, or some combination of opening other programs on the computer.

Have tested this on 6 computers and they all operate the same way.
Has anyone else had this issue, and can provide any insight or fix?

My only workaround is to ask people to type everything in NotePad and then copy and paste into Invoice Ninja. This workaround is not popular and they are wanting to know if we have other app options. But we love so many features of this software, we don’t want to change!
Thank you,


Sorry for the trouble!

We plan to release a new version of the Windows app soon which may help. Have you considered using the web app in the meantime?