Just migrated to V5, no attachments on emails?

Just migrated and everything looks ok… went to do a test invoice to myself and the email reads that the invoice is attached, however nothing is there. There is also no link to click on to direct to the portal? Did something fail in setup? I’m on the free plan. Any advice is appreciated.


Attaching PDF to the email requires a pro plan.

There are links to the client portal in the client and invoice action dropdowns and on their respective contact pages.

Right, I’m on the free plan, so why is the email indicating when sent that it’s attached? Previously in V4, it would send a link to the customer in the email to their portal for them to view the PDF invoice directly?

Is it possible this was brought over by the migration?

@david any ideas?

Just tried another client, same result. On the preview screen, before actually sending, the body indicates:


Your invoice is attached! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your business!

My Company Name

Previously, the emails looked like this:

Customer Name,

To view your invoice for $35.00, click the link below.


My Company Name

Created by [Invoice Ninja] | Create. Send. Get Paid.

@hillel thanks for your help so far. @david any updates? Still having this issue

Thought I would update everyone here. Support put me on a trial version which allowed me to edit the template of the emails. I added the $view_button under the templates and saved. (The trial allowed me to make these changes). According to them once the trial ends the templates will continue to work as saved. So far things seem to be working OK.

Thanks for updating the thread, let us know if you have any other questions.

just one more, simple one. I noticed this morning that a recurring invoice was sent 2 times. Looks like v5 sent one as well as v4. v5 is activated, but is there something I need to do in v4 to ‘deactivate’?

@david can you please advise?


You’ll need to deactivate v4 using this procedure described here:


When I attempt to enter a URL in this field a red circle with line through it appears preventing entry…

@david Since I am unable to edit the field, maybe my only option is to delete all the recurring invoices so they don’t duplicate.


You just need to click submit, it will do the rest for you :slight_smile: